Authority Files

SCIS Authority Files improve search and discovery in the library catalogue. Authority Files link terms between records, to display the 'See' and 'See also' references.

A subscription includes:

  • Name Authority Files: an authorised list of name headings
  • Subject Authority Files: an authorised list of subject headings
  • Series Authority Files: an authorised list of series headings
  • A reference structure to link authorised terms to related terms
  • Direction from alternative (non-preferred) terms to authorised terms.

For example, a library user may enter the search term 'bugs' in the catalogue. With Authority Files, the search results will also direct the user to related items; for example, books with the subject 'insects' (the authorised term). All relevant resources in the library will be displayed. Users can then choose to make their search broad, or narrow.

Authority Files provide a rich search experience to make the most of your resources.


Authority Files

12 month subscription to Authority Files
USD $92.50

Please note: A SCIS Data subscription is required for an Authority Files subscription.