Short tutorial stream

Caerphilly port-salut hard cheese. Airedale camembert de normandie cheese and biscuits babybel monterey jack swiss cottage cheese cheese slices. Squirty cheese cottage cheese cheese and wine macaroni cheese cheesy grin cut the cheese everyone loves cheese on toast.

  • Paneer blue castello bavarian
  • bergkase cheese strings stinking
  • bishop pepper jack fondue.

About the Instructors

Ruilin Shi

Product Coordinator, SCIS

Ruilin Shi has worked for SCIS since 2014, and coordinates product training and customer service. Ruilin has previously worked as a Library Officer, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, and is conversational in Japanese and French.

AUS Eastern Standard TimeJul 14, 202212:30 PM
Location: Online - link sent once stream available

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